We’re On The Move

We’re finally moving into our own house. A statement that over the last 2 years I felt like we would never say. I’m conscious that this might become a gigantic rant about the house-buying process and how much of a pain in the arse it is. But I’ll do my best to steer away from that.

I’m 27, and living with my wife’s parents, a living situation that has been the same for over 2 years now. It’s rare I find people willing to put up with just me for that long, but throw in Meg and our daughter who is growing and becoming ever-more demanding by the day and this is nothing short of a miracle. Fortunately though my in-laws are those people. Had they known they were signing up to a 32 month agreement, I think they may have reconsidered their offer.

I started writing this blog 3 months ago. That might sound like I’m rubbish at getting a written piece over the line, but it’s actually because the original house we placed an offer on became – for want of a better word – a cluster fuck of issues, that we painfully had to decide to pull out of. Fast forward to now, and we’re onto house number two and so close to completing and signing on the dotted line. So, so close.

The sentence ‘someone either has to gift you money, or die and pass it on in their will to afford a house’ is one I’ve heard in varying forms a lot in the buying process, and rings very true. I can’t even pretend to understand ‘market conditions’ or analyse the economy, but what I do know is saving a deposit of £20,000 – £30,000 is verging on impossible on your own, unless of course you’re earning mega bucks, don’t have a social life, or you own a magic lamp. And through the ridiculous generosity of family and some hard efforts at saving from ourselves, we finally got there.

Here comes the moany bit. Despite being involved in every email between agent, solicitor and surveyor, I’m still not entirely clued up on the buying process, and the bits I do understand, I really don’t because it’s so bloody backwards. A friend of mine warned me that the buying process is “a lot of waiting, a lot of signing documents you don’t understand, and mostly spending a lot of money”. He wasn’t wrong. The concept of offering money on a house that you aren’t entirely sure is full functioning, only to then check it over for issues before potentially negotiating costs down further is bizarre. But unfortunately that’s the process, and as I’ve learnt you can either complain about it, or crack on.

I can’t wait to have a place of our own, and I’m sure my in-laws are saying the same thing. The opportunity to paint and change things round is something we’ve been excited to do for some time now, and I’m pretty sure the UK’s most active user of Pinterest is my wife, so now we have a chance to stop “pinning” and put some ideas into action. Watch this space, DIY nightmares coming your way.

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