Never Did We Ever

Aside from our beautiful baby girl, there have been a lot of firsts for us this week. Here are a few things we never thought we’d be saying/doing/thinking.

Never did we ever think…

  • We’d be ready. Every bit of advice we ever received was right, you’re never FULLY ready to be a parent and that’s the nerve racking bit, but also the best part. Enjoy every new moment.
  • We could get so excited about a trip to 24 hour Tesco. Cabin fever becomes very real and a trip out the house in any form is good for everyone.
  • We’d find so much enjoyment in seeing a baby; sneeze, poo, wee and basically display any form of bodily function. It ranges from disgusting to unbelievably cute and all are equally incredible.
  • Sleep was so valuable. I’ve never experience tiredness like this.
  • My fiance would be walking round the house with cabbage leaves on her boobs to try and calm the pain of her milk coming in. Seriously, Google it!
  • We’d feel so confident. I thought I’d be nervous to be in control of a proper little living human being, but I feel we’re both taking it in our stride!
  • Feeding could be so powerful. Tears become smiles in a matter of moments, babies can be simple creatures.
  • We’d be doing so much washing. Sick, poo and formula everywhere!
  • Celebrating mum’s post labour poo. It’s a trickier (stickier) situation than you think.
  • We could be so in love. Ivy has stolen our hearts forever.

So much more to come!



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