You, me and COVID-19

If you’d mentioned COVID-19 to me 6 months ago, I’d guess you were talking about a shit 90s boy band. Anyway, it appears it takes a global pandemic for me to sit down and bring this blog back to life again. I can’t believe it’s only been a few weeks, but what a weird few weeks it’s been. I’ve gone from my regular daily commute, working in the office, and being out with, what do they call them? Oh yeah, my friends. To the confines of the 4 walls of my house, no commute, and the joys of virtual meetings for the last week, turning on the TV or scrolling the newsfeeds waiting for some kind of sign that I might actually be able to leave our house safely at some point in the near future. That sign hasn’t come yet. Bollocks.

It’s become a Groundhog Day situation; wake up, hope it’s not after 8.30, roll out of bed, open laptop, snack (repeat several times), I might even treat myself to a shower, then work from various locations within the house so as not to go completely insane before 11am.

M-m-m-m-m myyyy Corona

I thought of maybe approaching this blog as something like ‘tips to not go fucking insane during Corona lockdown’ but it would be a hypocritical piece considering I’ve been scratching at the walls since day one. Maybe I’ll call it that anyway and lure you into a fake safe-haven away from the evil clutches of COVID-19.

Anyway, in the spirit of what this blog has always been about (when I’m not taking a 6 month hiatus), I want to put a life stamp in the diary because there’s a lot going on right now and I finally have the time to sit down and write about it, for me, and for any other poor bugger who decides to read it. Plus, how often do you get the chance to ramble on about stuff and pin it all to the fact that a global pandemic has started due to a virus from a bat. I’ll hopefully look back at this one day and laugh.

So, how are we all coping? I’ve been asked a million times this week. It’s nice to be asked. I don’t have an answer, because I don’t think I’ve experienced something so surreal. I really can only compare it to a horror movie come to life, but we’re all starring in it and I can categorically say I do not feel like a Hollywood actor. Instead I’m a mid-level Marketer, with an increased caffeine intake and a significantly reduced step count now that Boris has told me I can’t go to the pub. This whole work from home situation is something I thought would be a dream to me. I’ve always favoured a home environment over the office (give or take a couple of days) but there’s something very different about being told to do something vs choosing to do it of your own accord. When this is all over, I think I’ll kiss my office desk on arrival, after anti-bacterial wiping the living shit out of it of course.

Trying to stay sane

I’ve read the articles about making sure you get showered in the morning, have a good breakfast, maybe add a skin care routine or a deep bath into your morning in replacement of your commute (these people clearly don’t have children), all as coping mechanisms when stuck working from home. They’re all valid tips; you feel alert, my brain works after a good breakfast. But I’m telling you now after only 5 days at home, there’s only so much showering, switching location, walks down the garden a man can do before going completely insane.

Despite it only being a working week, my forced isolation has taught me a bit about myself already, like the fact being quarantined to the house means I’ll finally pick up a paint brush and finish the work in the kitchen, or write another blog, it appears the outside world gives me too many alternative distractions.

Confirmation of a lockdown happened today, which means (understandably) the fun police have put a stop to eating out and the majority of social activities and gatherings. I’ve got another week working from home next week and I may even bless this blog with another post. Stay safe out there, don’t cough on anyone, and stop thinking you’re bigger than a virus. I’ve got a weekend ahead of me to entertain a two-and-a-half-year-old without leaving the house. Wish me luck.  

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