Our First Week Lifesavers

The first week has been challenging and brought us both a lot more highs than lows, but during those stressful moments we’ve had a few items to hand that have been absolutely invaluable to ease the load.

Poddle Pod 

The Poddle Pod is an absolute  beauty  and has changed nap time for the better. Ivy will sleep just about anywhere, but the four walls of this napping pod give us confidence when we need a hands free moment that she can lie down without wriggling free. I’m still trying to find an adult sized one for our tired moments.

Muslin Cloths

These were one of the items I thought we’d gone overboard on in preparation for Ivy’s arrival. I was wrong. With the amount she feeds, spills, sicks up, Muslin cloths have saved us. We have them dotted around the house in little baskets so they’re always within reach if we have a little accident to deal with!


We weren’t sure when we were supposed to introduce dummies to our little one. The topic is open to a lot of opinion but with a bit of research we found that there was no problem with introducing them during the early days. They have worked a dream for us and Ivy has taken a real fancy to them, providing us with a bit of rest bite if she needs soothing. We found she would always look to her hands or our fingers to sooth and dummies provide that for her. We’ve opted for Nuk dummies designed asymmetrically as “conventional round or “cherry top” teats and soothers can cause oral abnormalities like open bite” – something I didn’t know!

Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep

All hail the Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep machine. In the first few days of finding our feet with Ivy’s feeding we had pre-made bottles that were a Godsend, however not very cost effective. On introducing powdered formula, it became apparent all too quickly that boiling water and standing at a running tap for 10 minutes cooling it down with the sweet noise of a child screaming in the distance would start to wear us down. Introducing our saviour Mr Tommee Tippee. In 90 seconds we now have food for Ivy and a solution to her screaming!

I’m sure there will be more saviour gadgets as we go. Keep your eyes peeled!


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