Moving From Cot to Bed: Our Experience

The milestones you meet when you have a child come at you thick and fast. From bottle feeding to weaning solid foods, crawling to walking, nappies to full on potty training, the list goes on. The beauty or perhaps horror of all of these milestones, especially the first time round, is you have absolutely zero clue how to approach them. Perhaps you pick up a book, visit your old friend Google or just work things out through trial and error but it’s always a learning curve.

“I want to break free…”

The most recent significant event for us has been taking one of the sides off Ivy’s cot, to make it less prison cell-esque and more of a bed. An exciting move for Ivy, and a daunting change for us. On one hand it’s a sign that she’s growing up, but in reality the most daunting factor is because she can now get up and waltz around her room whenever she likes. On assessment of her room we realised we needed to make some immediate changes, I had images of Ivy reaching for the Sudacrem and leaving us with plastered walls or talcum powder coated carpets when we walked in the next morning. But the big job on the toddler-proofing list was making sure she stayed in her room, so an investment in a new stair gate was made, much to Ivy’s disappointment when she shouted “I can’t get out” – that’s the point my dear (1-0 us!).

The first few nights were a success, the bed time routine was as hectic as it normally is but nothing too eventful, I think the excitement of having this “new” bed had Ivy excited for sleep, so much so she wanted to skip the bed time reading and the mad hour that usually involves her screaming her head off and running around naked.

Like all good things in life though, at some point they come to an end, It was as if over night Ivy became fully aware of the opportunity at her fingertips now that she could get out of bed. We were careful to remove anything that she shouldn’t have, but were cautious of avoiding making her room look like a a white padded cell, so her books, dolls etc. remained.

Too good to be true

Like the scurrying of wild animals outside a tent, hearing her footsteps and noise when she was supposed to be asleep was just as unnerving as she decided that night wouldn’t be bed time. Instead it would be a 3 hour long test of our patience, involving knocking on our bedroom wall, gathering all of her books into her bed and placing her dolls across her bedroom floor like the aftermath of some kind of weird house party. Sometimes I feel defeated when we have to look to the internet for answers, but we’ve never done this before and frankly I wanted my evenings back.

For Ivy the answer seems to be forgoing her afternoon nap. Funnily enough tiredness brings on sleep (who knew?!) so instead of being full of beans before bed, she was requesting sleep.

There are a few things that we’ve been doing and it seems the online world agrees which is:

  • Bath – Get those lavender bubbles going!
  • Book – Maybe stay away from the Stephen King and opt for some Topsy and Tim
  • Brush (teeth)
  • Bed

It’s a cocktail of chilled out activities that once combined with lack of nap will (almost) always result in a tired little human.

If you’re reading this, I hope you aren’t pulling your hair out and I hope your evenings are child free and relaxing.

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