Smyth’s Play House Renovation

There aren’t many positives to be taken from a global pandemic resulting in lockdowns around the world. But if I was to try really hard to pick a couple, it would be the time we’re getting together at home, and the opportunity to work on our house. At least on the bits we’re able to. With lots of suppliers still not functioning and shops not being open in their usual ways, access to the things we need are either a lot more difficult or has come to a halt altogether. It was Ivy’s third birthday back in June, and Meg (with a bit of help from Pinterest) came up with a great idea to get Ivy a playhouse, that we would paint and transform from the standard bright orange wood, to something a bit easier on the eye. So with everything in our house at a standstill and a great excuse not to look at blind options/floor options and lampshades, this became the new project.

The one we decided on looked like this:

We made the decision to keep this a secret until Ivy’s birthday, which is a fantastic idea when the playhouse is flatpack in its box, but when you’re still 3 weeks out from the party, it’s now built and in need of paint, keeping it hidden in the garden became a bit of a nightmare, especially because the weather was actually nice at the time (remember the sun?) and we’d be out in the garden to keep some sanity. Lots of rushed efforts during afternoon naps, distracted tea times, and late night paint sessions ensued to make sure we got the job done on time.


I’ll be the first to admit that DIY is not my bag. If I have someone guiding me I actually quite enjoy it and don’t feel like I’m going to destroy the object I’m working on. However, going it alone makes me feel like a bull in a china shop, with an absolute need to have some polyfiller on hand, y’know, just in case. Fortunately the playhouse was easier to assemble than some IKEA products I’ve been challenged with in the past, and was a case of following some very simple instructions with an electric screw driver and some screws.

With a lick of paint using some slate grey, a bit of pink for the door and mixing some white with some black for the walls, the end product looked like this:

We’re delighted with the end result and something tells me Ivy is too. I think they call that a win-win.

Fancy doing it yourself? The list of products and very high-level info on the paints we used is below:

Grey paint for the roof
Pink for the door – we used a tester sized pot from B&Q
Light grey walls – a combination of white exterior paint and a mix of black paint until you’re happy with the colour

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