Leaving The House

British “summer” is finally here and we’ve finally got a bit of good weather, it’s inconsistent but at least there’s some sun! The early days of wanting to remain within the confines of our own 4 walls have passed and our desire to get back to some kind of normality and venture out into the big, bad world with Ivy has grown too much to ignore.

Taking it easy

We took baby steps ourselves. First it was a midnight trip to have a stroll around Tesco, then a trip into town for coffee. We’ve recently upped our game and managed to make it through a wedding and a bbq, one of which I managed to remain sober for, that was an achievement in itself.

What I realised straight away is babies need a lot of stuff, serious amounts! Just to function, so you don’t “just leave” the house. For a trip into town you have your nappy bag, bottles, nappies, muslin cloths, a change of clothes, wipes, the pram, different attachments, the list really goes on. It becomes a military mission just to do a food shop, but if you were to leave the house without any of this and experience a poo-plosion, you really are up shit creek without a paddle, so you really do need it.

When it came to a full day out the house at a wedding this weekend, it looked like we were leaving the country with the amount we had packed. Armed with a bottle prep machine, 3 bags and a child, we managed to commandeer a very kind persons hotel room and make it a feeding, changing and screaming zone. As long as you are prepared, it’s not too different from being at home, they are simple creatures when you get down to the core of it. As long as we can feed and change her she’s very happy.

The early days with Ivy were so important for us, and the 3 of us being the in the house day after day during paternity leave was genuinely the best. No distractions, just getting to know our little human. But my advice is, getting out the house is good for everyone. Cabin fever can kick in, combine that with sleep deprivation and you’ve got a recipe for grumpy parents. Make the most of your time together but remember EVERYONE gets excited by a newborn baby, and if like me, your partners friends want to hold your baby at any given second, you have a host of temporary child minders at your finger tips… make the most of it!

In terms of gear, as we’ve taken more trips out the house certain items have been worth their weight in Gold. Find them below:

Dummy Steriliser – http://www.boots.com/milton-mini-soother-steriliser-blue-10185897

Nappy Bag – http://www.tibaandmarl.com/shop/raf-holdall-black

Bottles – https://www.nuk.co.uk/product/nature-sense-starter-set/

Formula Machine – http://www.mothercare.com/accessories/tommee-tippee-closer-to-nature-perfect-prep-machine/LD2600.html

Wipes, even for sensitive babies bums –  https://www.waterwipes.com/

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