Living with Banksy: Our toddler’s drawing on our walls

Like billions of other households around the world, we’re in another lockdown. And with a new lockdown comes a list of jobs that would only ever be created when you’re stuck in the house for days on end, like painting, finally sorting out ‘that’ cupboard, or you might just say balls to all of it and put your feet up and wait for this all to blow over (good for you).

Our dining room is the latest victim, or I should say I am, as I spend every night during the week adding another layer of paint to the walls. I’m very impatient, so the process starts as high quality and a refined approach to paint, and by the end, I’m basically chucking the paint tin at the wall and hoping it looks ok.

The bad news is, I’m not the only one in our home who has been feeling creative over the last few months. TV stereotypes of a toddler warn you to expect moments of creativity from your little one in the form of artwork on your walls in your house, but not for a minute would you expect your ‘bundle of joy’ to actually graffiti your hallway. We didn’t. How wrong we were.

Over the last few months, we’ve had outright moments that feel like a ‘fuck you, I’ll do what I want’ in the form of Sudocrem plastered on the walls, followed by bottles of talcum powder poured on the floor looking like some kind of after-party at Tony Montana’s. Then we’ve had little ‘gifts’ in the form of secretive drawings on walls behind doors, on furniture, and once the use of mascara as a pen on the wall just out of sight behind the curtain. The last one I had to give full credit for, 10/10 sneaky graffiti. We didn’t find it for 24 hours.

The latest unrequested creative moment was on our freshly painted white walls. What should have been a freshen up for the dining room was actually just creating a clear canvas for a 3-year-old to go wild with a blue felt-tip pen. It looks like scribble, but I think it loosely translates to ‘Ivy waz ere, LOL!’.

I don’t ever want to stump creativity, but I’d prefer the outlet to be on paper as opposed to the walls of our house. For now, we’ll have to keep our head on a swivel and our eyes in the back of our heads, because we never know when Banksy might strike again. Hopefully, this blog wasn’t as dull as watching paint dry!

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