Work (Baby)life Balance

Unfortunately paternity has to come to come to an end, and life as a functioning adult has to resume. Monday’s aren’t great as they are, throw in having to leave your little one and your partner every time and they become a steaming pile of rubbish.

I’m 2 weeks back into work and it’s given me enough of a taster to comment on what life is now like with a baby and managing work at the same time.

Leaving the house

Becomes almost impossible. She turns on the cuteness and I pretty much have to drag myself out the door.


No change here. I’m getting less of it. I work from home twice a week, on those days I do my best to pull my weight on the night shift. On commuting days into the office I’m not as helpful, I could do without falling asleep behind the wheel. Like life in general we’ve sort of learnt to deal with the lack of sleep and as a team we manage it.

Clock watching

I cannot wait to get home. No matter how she has us running around her. I miss her as soon as I step out the door every morning.

Baby talk

I’m that guy in the office now. I’ll only talk about my family if asked but I find myself 15 minutes into a chat about feeding routines without batting an eyelid. I’m surrounded by people who seem genuinely interested, so I’ll stop talking when they stop asking.

Evenings & Fitness

Pre-baby I was gyming 5-6 days a week after work, that simply isn’t achievable nowadays. I’m finding a balance but having to put in a bit more work than usual. Determined to keep the dad bod at bay. I’d much rather have an hour longer with Ivy than sweating in the gym.


Despite the clock watching. Having Ivy has made me want to be better and do better, meaning I’m now more motivated than ever to do the best I can and provide for her and her Meg.

Working From Home

I’m seeing this topic discussed a lot these days. If you find yourself at a company that allows it, DO IT.  As long as you’re able to give yourself a quiet place to work at home it’s manageable. It means I’m on hand and within arms reach of Ivy whilst being able to crack on with work at the same time.

Coffee has become a closer friend of mine, but work life hasn’t changed too much. I’m surrounded by supportive people both at home and at work when it comes to family life so I don’t have too many complaints ;).


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