A Month With Our Baby

It’s been a month. A whole MONTH that beautiful Ivy has been with us and it’s safe to say life has’t been the same since. I can safely say we now fall under the title of  parents. For a little while we fell under the headless chicken category or like rabbits in the headlights of parenthood but replace the wide eyed animal for a more zombiefied, restless creature and you had us.

It’s hard to distinguish the weeks that have passed as everything feels like one big haze of smiles, tears, moods, family visits, feeds, nappies… The list goes on. Despite the blur of my brain in our new parent lifestyle there’s so much to talk about.


Firstly, the concept of time has gone out the window. Consistently waking up throughout the early hours of the night, not knowing midnight from 4am and then realising you’re at Sunday before you know it, it’s unsurprising that this month has crept up on us so quickly. It’s also frightening how quickly time goes and it’s given me an appreciation of making the most of what we have now, not only Ivy but everything around us.


Generosity is next on the list. Our family and friends have completely spoilt Ivy and indirectly, us! We have gifts, advice and well wishes coming out of our ears! Ivy has been spoilt with enough clothes, toys and baby gear to last… Well, i’d say a lifetime but at least for her early life. We’re slowly working our way through our thank you’s, but if you bought us something and happen to be reading this, THANK YOU!


She’s changing so much, and we’ve been warned how quickly the days, weeks and months fly by, so I remind myself of that every day. Trivial things that seemed so important before Ivy joined us now don’t matter and our priorities are completely different if it’s going to benefit Ivy or us as a family then it has my full attention.

Social Life

Our social lives have changed, but don’t listent to the rumours it doesn’t have to be for the worse. I think if you want to stay shacked up in the house watching box sets on Netflix and shut yourself off with your baby, it’s very easy and if that suits you, go for it. But for us, and our friends, Ivy has brought a lot of joy, so spending time with others; going to the beer garden, bbq’s, weddings and out for dinner have, if anything, increased. Doing so is a bit more of a challenge, packing half the car, trying to juggle eating a burger whilst feeding a crying baby, but she’s at an age where she can sleep in her pram and she isn’t running around like a lunatic yet. We’re also surrounded by people who can’t wait to hold her, so we’re making the most of giving our arms a rest.


Dear sleep, I miss you. I know i used to take you for granted spending the early hours drinking and not being with you but my memories of the nights we’d spend 8 hours + together remain some of my fondest. Me dipping in and out every 2 hours simply isn’t enough, I hope we’ll be reunited soon.

It’s hard not to keep talking about sleep. I bore myself with it sometimes, but the reality of it is it’s pretty rubbish. But as right as people were about how much we’d miss sleep, they were equally right about things improving. We’re a long way away from a routine and frankly we’re not trying to build one at the moment. What we have done is start to understand Ivy and what she needs, and with that, less dramatic nights have come about.

at 05:25 a month ago today, our world was flipped on it’s head and we wouldn’t change a thing. Ivy has taught us appreciation and above all else what it’s like to love unconditionally (soppin’ell) and I can’t wait to see the little girl she’ll turn into… Just don’t do it too quickly please!!



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