FFOMO (Father’s Fear Of Missing Out)

Paternity leave feels like a lifetime ago, yet peeling myself away from Meg and Ivy every morning is no different to the very first time. It’s still bloody impossible. I feel for the men out there that get no paternity leave at all, I also envy those out there that manage to bag themselves more than 2 weeks. Make the most of it fellas!

The reason it’s so difficult is a lot is starting to happen in a day, not even a full day, a WORKING day. She’s growing, smiling, trying to laugh, making eye contact, chatting, wriggling… you name it, she’s doing it. What’s worse is there’s nothing I can do about the time missed and now I have a serious case of FFOMO. I spend the day whatsapping home, checking in, asking for photos and scrolling my camera roll teasing myself with the pictures I have, all making me want to sprint home.

At the end of the day we’ve all got to make a living, so what I am doing is making the most of the time that I am around. As soon as I’m through that door, my baby gets nothing but attention. Instead of going to the gym every evening I’m now staying at home (I can feel that dad bod breathing down my neck). Going for walks round the block and taking the time to really enjoy the changes that Ivy is starting to show have become an absolute priority.

I worry about missing first words, first proper giggles and taking her first steps… so if she could be considerate and save them for when I’m at home I’d be really grateful.


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