Three Men & A Baby

If you’d told me two months ago that I was going to be left alone with Ivy for 24 hours, I’d have run for the hills. Nothing against Ivy, she’s the best, but the thought of being the sole responsibility of a 2 month old baby would have been a petrifying thought!

This weekend Meg went away with some friends to Manchester. We had a week of umming and ahhing from Meg… Does she go? doesn’t she go? Can she be away from the baby? We both went to a wedding last weekend and after a drink it was evident we could actually enjoy a night away, so she had a sense of what it would be like. Now feeling like a complete natural with Ivy, I was completely on board Meg going away… (Guess who’s got a night out hall pass) It’s been over 10 months in the making, so I convinced her a night away would be great for us.

It was an incredible weekend filled with Beer, rugby and mates (that was just Ivy). Our lives have remained the same somewhat since Ivy joined us and I told myself that if I was ever in charge of Ivy for the weekend I’d go about my normal business. As a dad-to-be though, I’d see stressed parents in cafe’s, restaurants or the general public with a teary, screaming baby and think to myself “I couldn’t deal with that” and assumed I’d remain housebound where the prep machine is meters away and I can change her in the comfort of my own home. But what sort of life is that for me and more so for Ivy… A BORING ONE!

I looked like I was going trekking up mount kilomanjiro with the amount I’d packed to go out, turns out you really do need it all. Some drinking took place in several pubs (responsible of course), my mates loved it because a baby brings Alllll the female attention, and I had a weekend with the best of both worlds of my baby girl and my mates, it also surprised me how much the boys wanted to be involved. Pretty sweet really.

I found it incredible how many weird looks you get as a group of blokes in charge of a baby. Some smiles, some shocked and most seemed to want to talk to us about her, almost like a puppy. I’m blessed in a way that Ivy is a simple creature, she cries for food or nappy change, that’s about it, and that’s all she did. So fellas, if you’re worried about a weekend on your own with the baby, it is what you make of it, of course there are slight delays to what you would do normally when you make time for feeding and changing, but giving your partner a night out is always appreciated, so if you can, DO! One thing is for certain though, I am absolutely knackered.

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