Here we go again: Baby Number Two

We recently found out we’re going to be parents again. We also found out ‘it’ will be a boy. I always assumed having been a Dad for nearly four years now would take away any feelings of apprehension or nerves of every scan, check-up, and the overall prospect of being a parent, but it doesn’t. All the feelings are the same; every scan has had my heart in my throat, the thought of all the gear we’re going to need makes me and my bank account sweat, and to add to this niggling feeling of anxiety, we’re having a boy! Which, of course, is incredibly exciting, having had our little girl Ivy as our first child. But I know what I was like as a kid; it’s likely we’re in for a bumpy ride. Let’s just say my grey hairs are probably going to set in a little earlier than anticipated.

Will he be a mini-me?

Knowing that we’re having a boy got me thinking about what I was actually like as a kid. I have a weird memory in that I can remember the weirdest thing, like the name of the restaurant we’d at eat on holiday when I was about 8 years old, but I can’t remember where I put my keys 15 minutes ago. I don’t remember what I was like as a very young kid (does anyone?). I am kindly being reminded by my parents that I was, at times, a pain in the arse. I do remember going through primary school though, and being a nuisance the majority of the time. I’d spend a lot of it being told to get out of the classroom as a punishment, only to spend the next 10 minutes pressing my face against the glass in the door to make my friends laugh. I’d doodle when I’m supposed to be doing long division, I’d tap pens, I’d chat. Every report stated “Tom and his classmates would achieve a lot more if he didn’t spend his time talking and distracting others “, and every parent’s evening would result in a frosty and quiet drive home. Personally, I feel like they were victimising me ;), but they weren’t wrong. Loved a chat then, love to talk now. With a minime on the way, perhaps we’re looking at history repeating itself.

What to expect

I’m not entirely sure what to expect from having two kids. My instant thought due to experiencing life with a ‘threenager’ at the moment is it will be double the stress. I have a couple of friends who are a few months into being a family of four and the general feedback is ‘you know what you’re doing this time round’. Which is always a confidence builder. I’m also heavily reliant on the rumour that after a certain age they start to entertain and look after one another. I’m not banking on it though.

It didn’t matter whether we had a boy or a girl first, but I’ve always wanted one of each if possible. Looking back at baby pictures, it looked like my older sister adored me. I think that stopped at a point, we went from cute pictures hugging on the sofa, to throwing TV remotes at each other and throwing each other’s favourite teddies out the bedroom window. There’s a 3 year age gap between us, similar to what Ivy will have with her baby brother, and while we went through a lot of bickering in our teenage years. I’m closer than ever to my sister and I hope Ivy and her brother will be the same!

Despite knowing exactly what to expect, I also feel like we’re diving into the unknown again. For now, it’s time to revisit my own blogs and remember what we’re supposed to do. I think I’ll start with these:

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