It’s Been A While

I’ve been a bit shit on here recently. How I wish I could say it’s because I’ve had stacks of time and I just couldn’t be bothered. But between applying for new jobs, maintaining jobs and getting new jobs, I’ve had to swap blog writing for CV re-touching and presentation creating, as well as just, well, living. No complaints here though. In this time though I’ve made sure to not keep my head buried in work matters to miss what’s been going on around me, and right now that’s a lot. Everything is still very much baby filled though, for instance, this very moment I’ve just looked up from my laptop to a lovely smile from Ivy, that was followed by almost projectile carrot sick and the deafening cheeky grin that follows.

What was a sweet ball of a baby that pissed, pooed, sicked and slept, has now evolved from a ball into a very responsive little human that does very much of the same thing but now completely interacts with us and the environment around her. In short, sharp and dangerous objects are no longer allowed near her, y’know, because knives and hot irons were before ;). She’s rolling, laughing, grabbing, shaking her head and making it very clear that she knows what her body is capable of doing, that includes getting her scream just right so I feel guilty not picking her up.

Time really is flying. We became parents over 5 months ago and I not only want to get on top of this blog but I want to get back to the fundamentals of why I started it, as a reminder of the incredible milestones we’re seeing Ivy go through on an almost daily basis. A friend of mine said the blog reminded him of some of the key moments he had experienced with his daughter and wished he had noted them down. So whilst I hope my posts act as “advice” or touch on “fun” experiences we’ve been through as parents (feeding, the result of feeding, constipation, regression, sleeping, maternity etc.) you’ll probably find a few rambles like this.

People weren’t lying when they said ‘before you know it you won’t be able to turn your back as she’ll have you running round the place’. It’s all come round way too quickly. So whilst I enjoy watching all of this happen, I’ll be chucking it on here for the memories too.

Speak soon… hopefully.

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