Baby’s First Christmas

Do you know Christmas is coming? Course you do, unless of course you’ve been living under a rock. Let’s face it, we’ve ll been force-fed the adverts since the back end of the summer. ‘SCROOGE!’ I hear you shout! Not me, I bloody love Christmas. The opportunity to drink and eat to your hearts content without any REAL judgement. What’s not to love?

A lot like many aspects of life now that I’m a dad, I get to relive the magic of everything around me through my daughters eyes. For example, Ivy has learnt to look up in the last few days, and now has a healthy obsession with the light fittings on our landing. Did I notice them before? nope. Do I stare at them with her for minutes on end now? Yes I do, because I see it from her excited and fresh brained perspective. Where am I going with this? Right, so Christmas, I can’t wait. Presents, food, family and drink and the bonus this year is it’s Ivy’s first, she’ll be 7 months old! What do you remember from when you were 7 months old? Don’t lie, not a lot, if anything at all. So bringing me on to the topic of today, what do you buy your baby for their first Christmas?

I know there are parents out there that will go all out and splurge, purchasing a motorised baby Range Rover for a child that can barely sit up on their own. I can only slightly relate. We wet from “Ivy’s having a few things” to ” OK, we get her one big thing, like a toy, and the rest is sensible stuff she actually needs”. However, the other day I watched Ivy cry at the idea of playing with the sensory toy she has which cost around £20, and opted for the wrapping off a french baguette….Do you start to see my point? 

My daughter is spoilt year round by her grandparents, great grandparents, extended group of aunties (Meg’s friends) and my sister and her fiance to name a few. Christmas is going to be very special this year, but in our house Ivy will get the things she needs. I sound like a miserable fucker but I know we have many years ahead of ‘Dear Santa, I would like a pony, an iPhone 24, iPad, tickets to see wrong direction…” and so on. So for the time being we’ll be enjoying these early days of the wrapping paper being the best bit or going crazy for the latest food edition at tea time, because right now that’s what it’s really all about. 

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