The Big Move

I can’t believe the big day is here. Our rowdy little roommate is onto bigger and better things, and by that I mean we’re moving Ivy out of the bedside cot and into her nursery! It’s crazy to think how she used to be a tiny dot in the bedside cot, lying there in what looked like a super king. Now the lanky streak is rolling around, finding herself in all kinds of positions and it’s clear she needs more space.

When we first brought Ivy home, and entered into those first sleepless nights, naturally we started to question why we would ever want to bring a ticking time bomb to bed with us every night. But of course you want the confidence that you can hear your baby cry, and you’re at arms length when they need you (which happens to be quite a lot).

Despite the space it takes up in our room, the bedside cot has become a staple piece of furniture and more importantly, our little roommate, although rowdy sometimes, has become a joy to have in the room, even with the 4am chats she likes to have with herself.

Before you have a baby you make promises to yourself, and with your partner, that you’ll never do certain things like; distract the baby with a phone (guilty), or spoil them on their first Christmas (also guilty :S). But one of the key things was moving “The Baby” (as Ivy was known then) into her own room as soon as we hit the 6 month mark. Well we’ve hit that now and it’s harder to make that change than I thought.

You hear stories of babies in their parents room until they’re toddlers, or dad sleeping in another room permanently, not because he’s in the dog house, but because a small child takes his place in the bed, and that’s something we didn’t and don’t want. It’s no good for anyone.

I think the hardest part in all of this is realising our baby girl isn’t such a baby any more, and this is a step towards her becoming a proper little girl (please stay small forever!). I like the security of being able to hear Ivy, whether it’s her breathing, crying, gargling or scratching the side netting of her cot… OK that last one I won’t miss so much. But a move is good, technology means we can watcher her when we need to. And as I’ll keep telling myself, she’s only next door!




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