So it’s time to think about weaning! I think about food 24/7. I’m constantly hungry and I’m a grump without it, so it only makes sense that our daughter is the same. I don’t have many babies to draw comparison, but it’s safe to say she has a decent appetite. At about 8 weeks it became apparent that Ivy wasn’t getting on too well with an ingredient in her formula. After a couple of doctors appointments and some blood tests it was likely that she was disagreeing with a specific protein and we were advised to try a prescribed and (of course) expensive formula. To our delight this worked and she was back to normal nappy activity! It’s weird how interested in poo you become as a parent, pre-baby you can’t bear the thought, then as soon as they arrive you’re a hawk to make sure everything is going to plan.

me and Ivy weaning

Anyway, with months of successful bottle feeding in the bag, Ivy’s interest in our food as we ate became more and more apparent in the form of reaching out, and a sign (so I’m told) that she was ready to have a go at some proper food herself. With her early disagreement with her formula, we of course were weary of what she may or may not get on with with ‘proper foods’, but with open minds we gave it a go. Here are a few things we’ve learnt and experienced over the last few months:


  • You’ll get excited about mushed up food, mostly because you’ll be looking for the reaction. Of course you want your baby to enjoy whatever you’re feeding them, but it’s bloody hilarious when they don’t – Avocado being the enemy in our house, the relationship is starting to build up though!
  • Weaning doesn’t have to be expensive! Buying some fruit and veg cooking it off and mashing/blending to the right consistency is 100% the way to go. Having said that, the ready made packs (Ella’s Kitchen etc.)  are convenient and have some more interesting flavours like Mexican Chicken, Ivy loved it, but my GOD was the nappy after that an experience! Only downside to these is they aren’t TOO kind on the wallet.
  • You’ll end up tasting a lot of the foods yourself, for temperature checking reasons primarily and, honestly, curiosity. They may sound nice on the package, some of them are, but trust me when I say ‘Sunday Dinner’ has a different meaning when it comes to baby food.
  • It’s messy. Like really messy. for example, let’s take an evening meal of mushed up carrot, add one baby, some food all over the face and hands and then said baby rubs eyes through tiredness….. yeah. Having a bath ready for after the evening meal is usually a good idea.
  • It can be daunting. The chances of choking obviously increase when you start introducing proper food, but babies have very sensitive gag reflexes for that very reason – so we’re always sat with Ivy when she eats. Regardless of that, I’m going to get myself along to a baby first aid class in the next few weeks so I’ll be confident should the worst happen!

I’ve spoken in this blog before about how babies open your eyes to everything again, and how you get excited about stuff you see every day. Weaning is very much the same. You get excited about food again or in my case even more excited about food than you already are and it’s a great opportunity to bond with the little one. I hope your experience is just as enjoyable!




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