Oh, Sh*t We’re Responsible

When I was 14 my friends and I used to jump off a bridge down at the local park into a 6 foot bush and record it, we thought we were cool and attempted to make our own version of Jackass. At 16 I got so drunk off Stella that I left the party I was at and fell asleep under a tree in the park next door. The best was at 17 when I threw a house party that got so out of hand it resulted in my neighbour bringing round ‘evidence’ of the night before in the form of cigarettes and beer bottle caps in a plastic bag to show my parents the day after (still don’t like that guy). And when I went to uni, well it was a lot of the above combined but with a lot more alcohol, fortunately no neighbours to ditch me in it.

My point? I was irresponsible; it’s what made being young so great. My only concern was keeping the bear minimum of petrol in my car to get around and how I would fund vodbull Tuesdays at our local club. That’s why it’s a bit of a kick in the nuts when you get to a stage in life, whether it be leaving uni or getting your first job that you actually have to act like a proper functioning human being that contributes something to society.

A Wake Up Call

One thing 100%, absolutely, certainly brought a wake up call to the world of me being responsible, was having a baby. I remember feeling the responsibility start from the very moment we found out we were pregnant, we had a baby bean to look after. Meg with the food she eats, the drink she drinks or should I say doesn’t drink, along with a whole host of other things to make sure she took care of her body. And my responsibility in looking after Meg, it turns everything up a notch to the point that you want to keep everyone at a 40 metre radius when you’re shopping just in case some doughnut bumps into them.

When Ivy was born, it’s the old cliché, but nothing else seemed to matter. I didn’t care about what I would have to catch up on at work, what was happening with my mates at the weekend and frankly we were so sleep deprived and delirious I couldn’t have told you if I knew. But that responsibility to feed, nurture and literally keep our little human alive became very bloody real instantly.

As Ivy’s growing up, she’s more receptive to what happens around her, she recognises familiar faces when people come into the room, she waves hi and bye and she’s showing a cheeky personality too. It dawned on me the other day that our responsibility is a hell of a lot more serious now, so knocking the swear words on the head when we’re around her (still haven’t mastered that just yet), the way we talk to each other and treat each other is going to be picked up by her at pretty much every opportunity and it’s very clear now that over time we’re slowly going to shape her values, morals and the ways she treats other, pretty daunting really!

I’ve no doubts in our ability to raise her the right way and I can’t wait to see the person Ivy will become, I’m just glad I’ve become a bit more responsible and have stopped sleeping under trees.

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