Useful Items at 8 Months

We’re 8 months into this whole parenting business yet I still find myself staring at Ivy, gobsmacked by the fact she’s real, and the fact she’s part of her mum and I. What surprises me most is how this life of parenting has become relatively normal (I use that term VERY loosely). It’s a new normal, nothing like we used to know – we now accept the fact that our living room will forever look like a post-apocalyptic Toys ‘r’ Us with Po from the Teletubbies as the key victim (that, and the sole of your foot). It’s also become normal to find nappy bags and spoons in a variety of items of clothing from a day out 6 weeks ago.

I spoke in one of my early posts about some of the items that really helped us in the first week of being parents. You know, those shaky early days when you pack the house with the essentials of nappies, wet wipes and bottles in the worry that within the next 5 years you might run out. But as you begin to find your feet, you move into the realms of the items that buy you some time to catch some sleep, go to the toilet on your own or eat with both hands. Well, 8 months in and I think we’re doing well at this parenting lark, but life always throws you curve balls and there are still some fantastic items out there that make are making our lives and Ivy’s life a lot easier on a daily basis, I thought I’d share them with you.

Video monitor

Big brother/your parents are watching you! The transition of Ivy into her nursery was a difficult one (for us), but one made a lot easier having a video monitor in our room. I’d like to say it stops you from getting up out of fear or for grumbles in the night, it doesn’t. I watch that monitor like a hawk. I do however recommend it for peace of mind at night. It has functionality for multiple cameras (so you can go full Fort Knox), nursery rhyme playing and a speaker system (al though I think my voice over it would be more frightening than soothing to be honest). But for the simple fact you can keep an eye on the little one, it’s fantastic.

Bath seat

We’ve had two bath seats since Ivy was born and both have been incredibly useful. We upgraded recently to one she can sit up in as it means she can now play in the bath. She’s happy, the bathroom floor however, is not.

Counter top seat

This changed everything. Eating dinner with both hands? check. Making a cup of coffee? Check. Getting anything done around the house? Check. This seat not only allowed us to put Ivy down but kept her entertained for hours with the attachable (very noisy) toys. She’s too big for it now but for a good 4 months it was a dream.


Ivy’s almost there with crawling but seems to want to skip that step and run. Unfortunately for her she still needs assistance in that area so this walker is great. She zooms around the kitchen, it gives her some freedom to explore the house and most importantly it tires her out! It’s the evolved version of the counter top seat as it gives us the freedom to keep an eye on her and get stuff done, just watch out for those fragile items around the house within babies reach…and your toes!

Silver cross buggy

We’ve increased the Silver Cross fleet to two buggies now. I couldn’t get my head round the cost of prams when we first started looking, but they really are worth every penny. As Ivy has grown and we’re using the different attachments, a buggy was the natural next step. The ‘Zest’ stroller is light and easy to take with us for quick trips into town, the only downside is the size of the basket underneath. If you read the instructions, it’s easy to fold down… I didn’t and swore at it a lot (sometimes I still do).

Cosy Toes

An item has never been more appropriate, as right now in the UK we’re experiencing an influx of snow, or ‘The Beast from the East’ snow storm as it’s been labelled. The cosy toes is a furry sleeping bag for want of a better word, that attaches to the buggy. It’s worth it’s weight in gold especially with the unpredictable weather we’re having.

Sensory toys

I don’t know the exact figures and science behind it at this age, but Ivy is clearly physically and mentally developing. Despite the fact they are strewn across the living room floor, sensory toys with their various materials and noises are fantastic. I can sing most of the toys songs off by heart and sometimes here them in my nightmares but they are brilliant for teaching her hand eye coordination.

She’ll soon grow out of the above and onto bigger and better things, recommendations for an easier life are always welcome!







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