Car Seat Upgrade – ‘Joie Spin 360’ Review

Being a dad has taught me many things, one of which is that when you think you have enough equipment for your baby you either don’t, or you do and you need to update it within a few months anyway, normally due to the fact that your little one is not so little any more. Well we’re clearly feeding Ivy too much because she’s growing at an astronomical rate and because of that we recently bid a fond farewell to her first baby carrier. It served us more than well, allowing us to get her from A to B and providing her with those golden naps that could go uninterrupted when transferring her from car to house.

Now I don’t know about you, but spinal health is important for Meg and I, that and normal length in our arms, and the combination of a 9 month old and the weight of a carrier were making the trip from front door to car or any journey for that matter a heavy and difficult one. Parting ways with a few hundred quid for anything other than a holiday is a tough task for me, but when it comes to baby gear I’m a little bit more on board. What I’m saying is, I’m not going to sacrifice my child’s safety or comfort because I’m a tight arse (or as I like to call it, “financially aware”), so we went ahead with the ‘Joie spin 360 combination isofix car seat‘.

Ideally I wanted to sit down with Ivy and have a detailed discussion about her experience so far in using the product, but seeing as her vocabulary extends to “bloo bloo, dee dee, dah” at the moment, you’ll have to settle for my review.

We have a spinner

The main driver for us moving from the old seat to this was it’s 360 degree spin function, Ivy is big and stable enough to sit up in her buggy now so instead of grabbing her out of the car in the carrier and clipping her to the pram base. Instead, we now grab the baby and put her in the buggy. The key benefit is in the name, we can spin Ivy 90 degrees to face us, so it’s not an ongoing battle when she’s wriggling to get out of the car and flailing limbs don’t become a hazard. It’s also quite entertaining to see her spin round with a teddy in hand looking like a tiny bond villain.


The seat is equipped with isofix fittings, and if you are patient (I’m not) it’s really easy to clip or unclip from the back of your car, the key point here though is that once it’s in, unless you need to change car there should be no real reason to take it out. The combination of the isofix fitting and the integrated load leg make the seat sturdy to the point that I am completely confident in putting Ivy in as a passenger for every journey.


It’s hard to understand the comfort of a baby seat when you’re a 6 foot tall, 26 year old man. However, judging by the fact that on most occasions Ivy will be asleep before we get to the end of the road, the seat must be doing something right. Her head and body are well supported by the ‘grow-with-me’ cushioning situated around the seat, and the combination of its side impact protection and 5 point harness it is well designed to do what it’s supposed to do, protect what’s inside it. Not to mention the fact the harness keeps Ivy well secured even when the fidgets arrive due to the dummy dropping over the side or she decides she’s had enough of the car journey! If I hadn’t been my usual self and unwrapped the seat like a ravenous dog on a bag of hot chips, throwing the instruction in the process, I would have also known that there are 5 reclining positions for Ivy to use, thankfully YouTube exists and was available to save the day again, so she can sit up or lay back, wherever the mood takes her.

Arguably less important is the looks, but we purchased the two-tone black option – I don’t know why, must have been in stock. It is available in two other colours though; the ‘merlot red’ (la dee da) or the two-tone grey. The reality is, these things end up covered in dribble, probably some sick and food at some point so the fact the seat has washable covers is an added bonus for when things inevitably get messy, but it looks great in the car which I guess is an added bonus if you don’t want some garish rainbow coloured item in the back that screams DADMOBILE!

It’s thumbs up from us on this one.





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