Meeting The Midwife

Once the dust has settled and both your brains have been able to take in the news. There are some matters to attend to, like booking in to meet your mid wife. In this appointment you will run through your partners health, your own health, family history, any diseases, bloods will be taken and an estimated due date will be given. You will also have the next months of your pregnancy explained including key dates for scans and possible jabs that you may need to take. Information overload…put notes in your phone.

In the time between your meeting with the midwife and the 12 week scan you are likely to have decided to keep the news between you or like we did between a very small trusted circle so we could at least have the peace of mind that we had a few people on hand to talk to if we weren’t sure.  Enjoy your little secret for the time being!

‘No’ Foods

In the early stages it’s important to keep an eye out for the ‘no foods’. She may not be waddling round at this stage and appears to be in shape to run a marathon but everything is kicking off inside and looking after baby in these stages is important. Take this time to learn what you can and cannot be doing and more importantly for us was what she can and cannot be eating (we like us some food). Sushi, certain cheeses, eggs, rare meat, cured meats.. to name but a few. There go the days of jumping on a trampoline whilst eating sushi. The biggest thing is to not make her feel like her life is one big list of no’s from this point, because it isn’t. Just get to know, because that little alien in her womb is developing quickly and nasty bacteria in these foods is something they don’t need! If you want the science, do what I did… find your mate Google.


A lot of women experience sickness at this stage, as something I thought would be a guarantee for my fiancé was non-existent other than a couple of occasions. But the fatigue kicked in hard, I don’t remember many evenings when I arrived home from work and she wasn’t napping on the sofa… her body is going through more than you think, so fire up the Xbox, go to the gym, cook dinner or even join her… but let her have that all important rest.

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