12 Week Scan

Are you nervous? Of course you are. Up until this point you’ve relied on the lines of a stick to tell you that your lives are about to change in a major way. As most couples do, the 12 week scan not only acts as confirmation that sh*t got real, but you can start spreading the great news that 2 is about to become 3 (or 4 or 5 … Good luck!).

You’ve met with your midwife, made your introductions and gone through all the questions to gauge when your baby is likely to join you, yet even with a professional telling you this is real, it’s hard to believe anything is actually going on inside there; she looks no different, is acting no different (yet) and if anything she is annoyingly calm about the whole situation (you’ll come to appreciate her calm moments, trust me).

What you’ll hear me say throughout this is everyone has their own approach to the pregnancy process, but my recommendation would be, be there as much as you can for her, in fact, not just her but the baby as well. That includes scans. These first moments are quite literally just that. We all lead busy lives and if you can’t make it, you can’t make it. But if you can move a meeting here, or schedule a day from home there it will benefit you in building that bond between you and your baby and you and your partner and not having to relive those moments through pictures on your phone.

When you find yourself in the waiting room for the first scan your stomach will be a tornado of nerves, and you’ll be sat next to a very fidgety partner due to her consumption of the recommended necking of a good litre of water.

The sweaty palms stem from the absolute desire for things to be ok and the excitement of seeing ‘baby’ for the first time mixed with the worry that there might be ‘problems’. So you’re called in, she lies on the bed, hoiks up her top to show her unchanged, no bump stomach and you wait…. And wait… and wait for what feels like forever. Until BOOM, there on the screen appears a little alien (there’s no cute way of describing it). What was worry is replaced by a feeling, and forgive me being THAT annoying person, but a feeling that cannot be described, the beauty of this, is you’ve either now experienced that feeling or have the luck of it being ahead of you… make the most of it.

In amongst the worry and excitement is some seriousness, you will run through measurements, confirmation of expected due date and bloods will be taken to run a risk assessment for any disabilities. Anything that may be flagged as high risk will likely result in you being contacted sooner rather than later. For me, I was naïve and didn’t consider these factors, you just expect an easy process, but go in with a positive open mind and know you are surrounded and supported by professionals.

Blood done and dusted, NOW it’s real! Once you leave that hospital you’ll want to wrap your lady in bubble wrap and follow her round like her own personal security. Because what was already precious material just became the transportation for the most precious cargo you’ll ever have.

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