How Much?!

…A phrase you’ll get used to. It may just be my fiancé but it seems she’s been far more switched on about the price of baby products than I have. That seems to have been the case for the majority of the pregnancy process and this whole motherly second nature thing she has going on.

It’s easy to go into panic mode and think it’s time to buy everything and get it done. But don’t. There’s no harm in browsing, but all this “stuff” is going to do is take up space when you have a long time to go. You’re going to have to make some hefty investments over the coming months, prams, bottles, clothes, nappies, pumps, car seats… the list goes on. So start to formulate a list of what you NEED, once you’ve got it all down I can tell you, you haven’t there’s always something else!

If like us you are surrounded by unbelievably generous people, on announcement of the news a baby is on the way, you’ll be inundated with gifts, you’ll say don’t bother yet… but really every little helps and you’ll welcome it with open arms.

Second hand items are something that shouldn’t be sniffed at, we have a pram, a cot, a Moses basket to name a few. Just get clued up on making sure everything you have is safe as second hand. For example a second hand cot is fine, but ALWAYS invest in a brand new mattress. Some of you may be sitting there thinking ‘DUHHHH!’ but this is a learning curve and all is not always clear. Taking a second hand cot, sanding it down and repainting costs next to nothing, give it a go and save yourself a few hundred quid. Shops like Mothercare also put on events, products are usually heavily discounted and there are staff on hand that know a thing or two, so pick their brains and benefit from the bargains.

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