20 Week Scan

The 20 week scan is not only another opportunity to see your baby again, but if decided, the chance to find out whether you’re having a girl or a boy. Most importantly the babies heart will be checked and kidney development monitored.

For a lot of people, keeping the gender a mystery adds to the excitement of the whole process, leaving it to delivery day for everyone to find out. This is completely personal preference and everyone seems to have an opinion on anything today. So whatever you choose to do. Good for you!

Thankfully we were of the same view that we should find out, we agreed it made life easier to prepare, it meant we could start discussing baby names and what it really meant was my darling partner could attack the nearest retail park. Now I’m not a doughnut, I’m not going to start a war on political correctness, girls can wear blue, boys can wear pink which means you don’t need to know the gender of your baby to paint the nursery,  or buy clothes, toys and all the products you need. In fact, even knowing what we are having, we’ve still painted the nursery neutral colours and a lot of the early clothes are white!

So, despite wanting to know what the gender was, we wanted to extend the surprise and make sure our families were involved too. We requested the sonographer write it on a post-it and fold it up into an envelope. We then took the envelope to a card shop, did what looked like a dodgy deal with the woman working there, handed her the note and asked her to fill a big box full of colour balloons based on the gender (blue for boy, pink for girl) and wrap it up so we couldn’t see. We invited our families round and did a big reveal.

All along my fiance thought it was a boy, she’d convinced everyone it was as well. But on the night, I’d been right all along… PINK BALLOONS! I would have been happy with a boy or a girl, at the end of the day all you want is a healthy baby… but deep down I’ve always wanted a girl first. What was even nicer I was right… for once.

For those of you that are waiting to find out, I take my hat off to you. The results sat in an envelope for 24 hours before we did the reveal and I almost cracked!!

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