4D Or Not 4D?

It was surprising to me to find out that you only have 2 scans during a straightforward pregnancy. One at 12 weeks and one at 20 weeks. That’s only 2 opportunities for you and your partner to see your baby, so as usual they are moments to make the most of. Soak in all of that screen time, watch that heartbeat, laugh at the wriggles and leave smiling like a Chesire cat.

In the case that there are questions raised as to the development of your baby, then further scans may be required. My partner had low lying placenta, something that is quite common, it has to be monitored due to the fact that if the placenta remains in a low position it can complicate things during natural birth and increase the chances of haemorrhaging, we don’t want that. We were booked in for a 34 week scan to check the progress and determine whether we were going au naturel or c-section for the delivery. As is often the case, with the wriggling of the baby and the growing of the bump, the placenta moves round. And that was the case for us, between our 20 week and 34 week scan everything had shifted the way it should and we were looking at a natural delivery.

Despite knowing we had the 34 week scan planned,  we had heard about 4D scans and how it not only gives you a chance to see your baby again, but this time in glorious HD…ish. They’re like a regular scan on steroids, with the opportunity to see your babies features! We’re as impatient as each other, so the chance to see the baby again between regular scans was something we couldn’t miss.

Old faithful Mothercare offer the service in some of their stores ranging between £50 and £100 depending on the package you choose. It’s recommended to take a 4D scan from 24 weeks, as enough development in your baby has taken place to identify key characteristics. We opted for the cheaper of the 2 options as it provided exactly what we needed. The only thing that wasn’t doing what they needed to on the day, was little baby girl. For a baby that had been labelled a poser and karate chopped and pouted through her 20 week scan, she could not have been more difficult. Hands over the face, chord and feet in the way, half asleep… you name it, it was blocking a clear view. After a walk around the store to try and get some movement, we returned to the same result. We just couldn’t get a clear snapshot of her. If you don’t get pictures the first time round, you can re-scan at a later date for no extra cost. If that fails, you get a small refund and have to re-book. So second scan booked and disappointed, we left.

On our return visit, my fiance sank a can of recommended sugary drink to get baby moving a bit and… SUCCESS, little baby girls face! Don’t expect a HD photo experience, but do expect to be blown away. A little nose here, eyes there… to go from the 2D everyone is so used to seeing, to recognising similar nose shape and seeing little fingers, it’s incredible! Now you can enjoy the drive home arguing over whose nose they have… she has mine by the way and don’t let anyone tell you different.

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