Our House is a Building Site!

Our living situation for the last year or so has been very much ‘modern family’, and by that I mean we’ve moved in with my fiances parents. Originally it was a short term move, to get the money together for a deposit on a house, but little baby girl kindly made an appearance in the tummy and now we’re here for a little bit longer. Side note: In-laws, if you’re reading this, I’ll never be able to thank you enough, seriously!

We moved into an annex style studio at the side of the house, let’s call it a pimped out granny flat. When we realised the space we’d need when 2 would become 3, it became apparent a radical change was needed, never on this earth was I going to request the in-laws move from their own home into the granny flat, but in their infinite kindness already leapt at the chance (I think it’s so they got some peace and quiet). So, in the last few months we’ve slowly moved in. As part of that move a new bathroom has been fitted, new carpets down and a complete bedroom and nursery re-vamp… I mean what else would you do at 30+ weeks. This is what we’ve been dealing with…

Despite the stress, I’ve had to bear in mind that what exists in that tummy is soon going to move out, eviction notices will be given and the landlord mother nature will kick her out into the world in quite the dramatic fashion. So it’s time to make the world a nice place for her to stay. I’ve discussed rental fees with my fiance and we’ll let baby stay for free for a while, but then she’s going to have to pay her way…

Aside from the pram buying, the nursery was where the biggest investment of time and money has gone. I mean, why not? this little beauty is only going to get the best from us for the rest of her life, so we might as well start with her room. I’ve mentioned previously about second hand items, the cot in this case was from gumtree. We washed it down, sanded, repainted and waxed. Good as new and a quarter of the cost. The walls have been painted neutral colours thanks to kind and surprisingly willing family and friends, and we’ve snagged a few bargains from IKEA for storage… we even braved IKEA on a bank holiday Monday, NEVER again! If you’re limited on space like we are, cot top changing units are awesome, we’ve not used it yet but it means less furniture to bang into and swear at. The elephant theme has slowly crept in, not sure where that came from but I’ve got to admit it looks pretty good.

One thing to remember is that you’re likely to spend a lot of time in the nursery, almost as much as the baby, so why not make it a nice place to be?

For a room that’s remained empty now for about 2 months, I cannot wait for our new roommate to join us.


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