She’s Off The Booze

So this is it, so long Prosecco, goodbye cosmopolitans, au revoir tequila. Until we meet again. For my fiance the parting moments from alcohol weren’t emotional, quite the opposite. In her own words “I don’t particularly like drinking. I just like being drunk”. You see when you handle hangovers like she does, saying goodbye to the very cause of that pain isn’t so hard to do.

A friend can sniff out a sober mate from a mile away and it just so happened we had more parties in the first three months than we have in this whole pregnancy, and as you know keeping it hush in those 12 weeks is important for most. So what do you do? Lie! We had some trusted close friends who knew about the baby, so for any party we went to we made sure drinks looked like prosecco or a G & T or even, for her sake, tasted somewhat like it. That way not only do your friends stop plying you with drinks, but your partner doesn’t feel left out. Flavoured fizzy water will become your best friend, even more so putting it into a champagne flute

In the early days the no booze situation changed my way of drinking (that made me sound awful, I like a drink just as much as anyone else). I was aware of the fact she couldn’t and therefore didn’t want to get rat arsed and have her carry me home. As the pregnancy progressed I’ve still been out with my mates, there have been occasions where she can’t stand the smell of me and we’ve slept seperately (can’t blame her) but our social lives haven’t stopped. It’s important not to let your partner feel like social events stop because booze is out the question. These days it seems a night out can’t happen without a bottle of wine, and I’m guilty of that… but go for dinner, get a taste for mocktails and possibly take the opportunity to reign in your own intake (that’s just advice, I should have done that myself, but this bod is sponsored by lager). Most importantly, make the most of the new free taxi service… Service normally stops after 22.00 but it’s better than walking.

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