Hospital Bag (For Her)

As we moved into the later stages of pregnancy, the hospital bag naturally made its way into our conversations. If all goes the way I think it will, the more prepared we are in the event of her waters breaking, the better! In my head I have the military scenario of ‘GO, GO, GO!’, so the ability to run in and grab the bag and get to the hospital is important. We all know by this stage that the process of labour can take FOREVER but at least we can be ready when it does happen.

Throughout the antenatal classes it was made apparent to us that you really can make the room your own when you’re in hospital, we’re not talking painting and decorating, but home comforts like; blankets, pillows, possibly even battery powered fake candles to make the whole situation a bit more peaceful are welcomed. So when it comes to your bag, do explore everything you would like and that your hospital are willing to have you bring in, after all, you’re going to be there a while. Here are a few things we’ve got in ours and a little bit about why.

1: Towels – This is all dependent on how long you are there, we’ve been informed hospitals are able to provide, but should you want to shower after birth (it gets a bit messy) then having your own towels is a nice touch.

2: Robe – As appealing as those hospital gowns are, having a comfy bath robe for when you’re walking around is much nicer. Also, the adrenaline of child birth can take your partner from being hot as hell to cold in a matter of minutes, so something to wrap up in will be welcomed.

3: Isotonic Drinks – Chaps, we all know the labour process is going to be one where you are going to be hated one minute, possibly wanted the next, but overall a lot is going to be out of our control, something I’m really dreading. One thing we can be there for though is providing food and drink. She may not feel like it at the time, but the act of labour is incredibly tasking on the body with huge muscles used, so keeping your lady powered with lucozade/powerade or even just water is really important. Make sure you test out the drinks prior to the big day, you don’t want any unnecessary upset in the stomach.

4: Wet wipes – For everything really, mucky hands, armpits, you could be in there for  a while so an easy way to keep fresh. Also for us, we might be a bit hot under the collar for the most part!

5: Body cream – Although you might be in there a while you don’t need a big bottle of the stuff you have at home, so little travel pots with body cream / moisturiser for foot rubs, massages etc. anything to distract from the situation and TRY to bring some calm.

6: Slippers – As we know, hospitals aren’t blessed with mood lighting and soft carpet, but instead clean easy floors, so pack some comfy slippers for walking around.

7: Loose fitting clothes / Nighties – Firstly, nighties and preferably dark coloured ones at that for when you are going into/in labour. As long as comfort isn’t sacrificed, the cheaper the better as you probably won’t want them after.

Secondly, whether it’s a dress or baggy trousers, when a beautiful baby is created so is a lot of pain, so whether it’s a natural birth or a c-section, pack some options for when you leave the hospital nothing that will cling to the skin.

8: Snacks – My favourite part! I need to remember these aren’t all for me but for her.  As with the energy drinks, staying topped up with cereal bars, fruit, or anything she is willing to eat is really important when she’s burning through all that energy!

9: Comfy Socks: We’ve opted for both socks and slippers here. Whatever makes your partner comfortable, TAKE IT.

10: Toiletries: Not just for her but for you as well. Dry shampoo, lib balm, toothbrushes, toothpaste etc. You want to feel somewhat fresh when you’re in there.

We’re still adding to the bag as the day gets closer, mostly because we keep eating the bag of snacks we’re supposed to be taking! But when it comes to your partners bag do have a long think about what will make you more comfortable on the day, go through it together, so when the day comes you both know where everything is, making the situation somewhat less stressful.

Stay tuned for more content including the baby bag and the dad bag!

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