Beers, Babies and Balance

As fairly ‘young’ parents, it’s not such a surprise that a lot of our close mates are still very much career focused or beer focused (mostly beer). And that’s exactly where we’d be if we weren’t having a baby – out most weekends, waking up and wondering where all our money has gone, a thumping head and a sofa reserved for the following day. Do we miss doing that? Sometimes, will we do it again? Absolutely, do we love the life we’re building at the moment? You’re too bloody right we do.

You see, this little human joining our world is an absolute bonus to an already pretty enjoyable life We have going for us and I wouldn’t change it for the world. and i knew in all of this that certain things would have to give and one of them has been the amount that I go out, that goes for the both of us.  Because of that it’s easy to let things slip socially – I’ve mentioned it previously that these days, meeting mates on 9/10 occasions , if not every, involves having a drink. As we’ve entered the last stages of this pregnancy I’ve had to be ‘on call’ so alcohol has been kept to a minimum(ish) and with that I’ve not shown my face as much.

With a group of mates who are very much enjoying football, frequenting the pub, betting and going out at the weekend it’s hard for a lot of them to relate to this soon to be parent lifestyle, not only relate but understand my situation at home. You see we all know the feeling when one of your mates gets a girlfriend and he ‘goes missing’ and you don’t understand until it happens to you just what it’s like to spread your time… You want to commit to both lifestyles. Well this change has taken a bit more commitment and is shortly going to consume my life, and i’m looking forward to it… Genuinely!

Life has changed for both of us, it’s given us a slower pace, a waddle if you will and it’s done us the world of good! I’ve realised that these sacrifices do have to be made, but if she can battle on 9 months (in reality 10 months) without a drink and a “dance” on a night out… Then so can I. So fellas if you have mates that ditch you after news of a baby, well, they aren’t your mates! Just prepare them for the fact that you might not be around as much because you have two people to look after at home now…! Lads if you’re reading this (I doubt it ) I will return.

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