Have a Little Patience

I’m so impatient. Queuing, waiting for a delivery, dealing with people, in fact waiting for me to write this very blog post is grating on me. I’m just impatient. Over the years it’s improved somewhat, but it’s always there. I mean i’m no anomaly , impatience is perfectly normal i’m just pretty rubbish with it – something that doesn’t help when it comes to having to wait 9+ months for a baby.

As pregnant life has progressed, naturally things have become slower. The bump has grown, feet have swollen and she now waddles… But with this slower pace of life I’ve had to learn to be patient (slightly). No speeding off when shopping, food shops take hours, slower dog walks, sometimes not moving at all. I’m quite an active person but this new approach has actually done me the world of good – all the rewiring that’s going on in my fiances brain to get her ready for motherhood is in someway rubbing off on me.

This isn’t some awe inspiring educational piece on how to be the best partner during pregnancy. But what I will say is I’ve had to do in many cases is take her perspective; would she want to run up the stairs instead of waddle and grunt? Yes. Would she want to be able to bend down to pick up that dropped paper without sounding like chewbacca? Yes. Would she want to be doing the cleaning all the time… That one’s a no.  Life becomes slower and soon it’ll become pretty flippin’ manic so right now I’m embracing this peace and quiet with the odd order thrown at me from her ivory tower (the sofa).

I’ve shared enough stories with a few expectant dads from the antenatal class to get an understanding that each relationship during pregnancy is different, but for the most part is that life slows down… It simply has to. I’m enjoying every last minute of it because if one statement is true and agreed on by all parents it’s that you’ll miss the quiet moments, the sleep, and the opportunity to eat. So for the time being you’ll find us on the sofa, lying in or eating! But if any bit of me remains impatient, it’s because I just want to meet her now. Due date TODAY, bring on the baby!

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