This Dad

You’ve found it. Welcome! You may be here for many reasons, but the most likely is you and your partner are having a baby and you’ve found yourself racing around the internet trying to find the answer to becoming the greatest parents in existence.

Firstly, congratulations, you did it! Secondly, the answers to perfect parenthood do not exist here. If they did, I’d be very rich with a very simple life, but in that bad news is also the joy of having a baby and the exciting, unpredictable times ahead.

I’m Tom, I’m from the UK, I’m 29 and my fiance and I became a family of three in 2017. I thought all the learning, scary, exciting and amazing moments came when the baby arrived (they do).  However, I was shocked by just how much happens before they even enter the world. That’s where the idea for this blog came up, giving you a heads up of what’s to come, contributing to the already useful material out there and mostly giving us something to look back on over the years.

There’s plenty out there on the internet when it comes to the facts and trust me we’ve read a lot of them, but I felt some of my experiences might be of use to the other dad’s and mums to be out there. Have a read, leave your thoughts; and most of all enjoy the process!

I hope you like what you read, if you want to see what life is like through my sleep-deprived eyes, you can on Instagram here: